Associazione Culturale Aristosseno

Dejan Bogdanovich

Violin Master
26 august - 4 september
Dejan Bogdanovich is established internationally as a soloist, chamber music player, and inspirational... Violin

Marco Fiorentini

Violin Master
26 august - 30 september
Born in Rome (Italy), Marco Fiorentini began to study violin with his father Alfredo. In 1987 he held a... Violin

Gabiele Croci

Viola Master
26 august – 4 september 2019
He’s born in Rome in 1974. A student of Giuranna and Bashmet for Viola, Quartet studied with the world's... Viola

Fabrizio Merlini

Master di Viola
18 – 28 settembre 2019
After graduating under the guidance of Maestro Piero Farulli with the highest marks and honors, he... Viola

Manuel Zigante

Cello and Quartett Master
26 august – 4 september 2019
Manuel Zigante was born in Roubaix France in 1963, he graduated in cello with full marks at... Cello and Quartett

Mattia Zappa

Cello Master
18 – 28 september 2019
Following his Matura and subsequent BA from Lugano Conservatory, and with the support of foundations such as... Cello